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Welcome to Savana Healthcare, Inc.

Savana Healthcare, Inc. is a home health care agency based in Savana Healthcare, Inc. Staffed with local health care professionals in nursing, restorative therapy and personal care, we find honor in serving families in their homes.

The clients we serve are those who face struggles in their old age as their independence slowly diminishes and their health issues continually affect their accustomed way of life. You may have a family member who is in this exact situation and you want to help. For many families, they choose to keep their loved one at home and if possible, to reduce the repetitive trips to and from a health care facility/hospital.

Our solution at Savana Healthcare, Inc. is to be the one to make the trips to and from the patient’s home. We choose to visit them at their preferred schedules and with us we bring structured health care.

Our goals and services are based on two fundamental philosophical principals:

  • First is the belief in the innate worth of the aged and disabled individual and
  • Second is the belief that each individual, regardless of age, race, color, creed, sex, national origin or handicap(s) is entitled to maximize his potential as a human being and as a member of society.

It is our contention that the aging process is a normal state in the development of any individual and that chronic disease and disability are, to some degree, a part of that process. Savana Healthcare, Inc. is dedicated to rehabilitating aged and disabled individuals within the confines of their residence, in order that they may maximize their contributions and fulfill their goals as a family member and member of society with a minimum of conflict. In accomplishing this end, it is felt that self-respect of the individual can and will be enhanced.

We also consider ourselves a vital member of the Boston community.
As an employer, we practice non-discrimination and strives to provide
opportunities for personal and professional growth. As an integral part
on the business community, we make every effort to serve the people
with attention to current area practices and specific needs.


"At Savana Healthcare Inc, we are committed to provide and to maintain Optimum, Physical and emotional health of our Clients by assisting them with excellent and unique quality of service and cost-effective compassionate healthcare that enhances their status within the confines of their residence by creating strong partnerships with their families, nurses, case managers, discharge planners and physicians. Our Agency strives to play a vital role in its community and make every effort to assist and serve the people with their day-to-day self-care activities and their specific needs. We believe in creating a team of caring professionals whose main goal is to care and support our clients "

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